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Dan's Language Services


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The following services are provided:



   From Afrikaans, Dutch or German into English.

   From English, Dutch or German into Afrikaans.

Translation includes all the language editing functions mentioned below, and proofreading.


Language Editing

   In English and Afrikaans.

Language editing includes checking all the significant language functions, i.e. clarity, style, syntax,  vocabulary, punctuation, and spelling.



Translation and editing are done in either MS Word 2000 or Corel Word Perfect 8 format.  Work must also be submitted in either of these formats.


If you submit the work to be done by e-mail or on a computer disk, you will receive a finished, typed product that is ready to be printed (depending on whether you have to edit it again to adapt to the settings of your printer).


If you submit the work to be translated on paper, the translation will be done on computer and you will receive the product via e-mail or on a computer disk in the format of your choice (MS Word 2000 or Corel Word Perfect 8).



I work in close co-operation with clients, and throughout the whole process problematic vocabulary or other aspects will be discussed with you.  For this reason, it is important that you include all your contact particulars when you submit the work to be done.


Fees Payable

Please visit the "Fees" page for information on fees payable and other payment issues.