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Dan's Language Services / Danie se Taaldienste

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Obviously, you have reached this website in search of somebody who can assist you with a language service. Please scroll down this page for more information about the particular service you require. If you do not find the information you are looking for on this website, please send me an e-mail with your query.


Remember: My services are as accessible to you as your nearest e-mail facility!




This service can assist you with language editing of Afrikaans and English texts.


Language editing includes the checking and correction (where necessary) of all language functions in text e.g. sentence construction, correct use of idiomatic words and expressions, tenses, spelling, capitalisation, parts of speech and punctuation.


Technical editing is not included in language editing. The author of the text is responsible for the technical editing of the document. Technical editing includes the layout of the document, numbering style, paragraph numbering, heading formats, font types and font sizes, margins, paragraph and line spacing, and the layout and positioning of all graphic features in text. It is strongly recommended that clients do the final technical editing only after language editing has been completed.


Because I do not have access to the sources the author has used, the author is responsible for checking and editing all sources listed in the reference list and references to these in the text, if applicable, according to the reference requirements of the institution for which the document is written.


When the text is edited, the "Track Changes" feature of Microsoft Word is used. When editing has been completed, two electronic copies of the edited document are returned to the client: one with Track changes activated (for reference purposes for the client to see where changes have been made), and one marked "Edited" in which all the changes have been accepted and the Track Changes feature has been deactivated (which the client must use to finalise the product).


The "Insert Comment" feature of Microsoft Word is used to insert comments into the text where problematic text is found. It is the client's responsibility to respond suitably to such comments and to work with me to deal effectively with the problem. The text commented on is usually highlighted or linked to a speech bubble in the margin, depending on the settings of the clients' MS Word program. To read the comment where text is highlighted, move the arrow of the mouse over the highlighted text - the comment appears in a pop-up box. To delete the comment, right-click on the highlighted text and click on "Delete comment".


If you need any further information about language editing or if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.




This service can assist you with translation

  • from Afrikaans into English;
  • from English into Afrikaans;

Translation includes language editing, i.e. no language editing needs to be done when the client receives the translated product, except with regard to problematic words or expressions, which will be pointed out to the client by means of a comment in the text. For this purpose, the "Insert Comment" feature of MS Word is used. This implies that the translation process is finalised only once the client is satisfied that all problematic language issues in the document have been dealt with efficiently.


Please note that I do not use any electronic translation programs. Translations are done manually and properly in the old-fashioned way.




The following fees apply (in Republic of South Africa currency):

  • Language editing in English and Afrikaans: R30.00 per 100 words* or R180.00 per hour, whichever amount is the smaller.
  • Translation from English into Afrikaans or vice versa: R40.00 per 100 words*

When urgent work is received on short notice and has to be done after hours, over weekends or on public holidays, the following fees will apply:

  • Language editing in English and Afrikaans: R40.00 per 100 words* or R180.00 per hour, whichever amount is the smaller.
  • Translation from English into Afrikaans or vice versa: R50.00 per 100 words*


  • Work submitted today to be completed for tomorrow, on a Friday to be completed for the Monday or on the day before a public holiday to be completed for the day thereafter will be regarded as work to be done after hours, in which case after-hour fees will apply. Tip: Submit your work well in advance to avoid after-hour fees.
  • *The "Word Count" feature of MS Word is used to count the number of words in the source text, which is used to calculate the amount payable..



When the work is done, you will receive with it an invoice on which you will find all the information you need for payment. You can then mail a cheque, make a direct payment at a bank or pay electronically via the Internet.





HOME ADDRESS:  123 Langenhoven Road, Oudtshoorn, 6625, RSA

POSTAL ADDRESS:  P.O. Box 955, Oudtshoorn, 6620, RSA

HOME TELEPHONE:  International +27 442725099 / Local RSA 0442725099

FACSIMILE:  International +27 866033353 / Local RSA 0866033353

WORK TELEPHONE:  International +27 442034111 / Local RSA 0442034111

CELL PHONE:  International +27 784693727 / Local RSA 0784693727