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Earlier Years


After obtaining a B.A. degree in languages, with English and German as main subjects, in 1977 and a Higher Education Diploma (HED) in 1978 at the University of the Orange Free State, I taught English as a subject at various schools in the Free State, South Africa.


Recent Years


After successfully completing the accreditation examination of the South African Translators' Institute (SATI) in 1995, I became an accredited freelance translator in English and Afrikaans.  Since then I have obtained valuable experience in translating and editing a wide variety of texts in various fields and on different levels of sophistication. Since 2001, I have been a full-time language practitioner.


What I Do


Although my main focus is translating from Afrikaans into English and vice versa, as well as editing in both languages, I can also assist you in translating Dutch and German text into either English or Afrikaans.


How I Work


This is my own private enterprise.  I work alone, which means you deal directly with me when you use my services.


What I Believe In


Values that I strongly believe in are integrity, sincerity, openness, and excellence in one's endeavours.  These values form part of my work ethics when dealing with clients.


Please visit the "Services" page for more information about the services that I offer.